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Learn Astrology with Mary English

Hello, welcome to my Astrology podcast: Learn Astrology with Mary. We will be learning a bit about Astrology and how wonderful it is and how it can help you understand yourself and others much better.

The first 20 Episodes cover everything you need to know to make an Astrological Birth chart and understand it. We use an accurate Swiss website 

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May 9, 2021

This week I am covering a brief mention of decumbiture, the Medical Astrology term for when the person 'took to their sick-bed'.

Here is Jane Ridder-Patrick's book A Handbook of Medical Astrology

As I can't share any of my client's charts I am using the two dates/times that I had my two vaccinations for COVID.

Horary Rules:

Ruler of the Ascendant represents the patient so does the Moon.

7th house represents the practitioner

4th house, sign on the cusp is the 'end of the matter' and how the issue will turn out:  if Cardinal=quickly, Fixed=prolonged, Mutable=variable

My second Pfizer jab.

Bowl chart

Virgo Asc, ruler is Mercury in Gemini (it's natural home) in the 9th house, which is happy being there.

Moon in Gemini also there (I have natal Moon in Gemini)

The nurse is represented by the planet/s in the 7th, Neptune is there in Pisces in its natural (today) ruler. 

Old ruler of Pisces (which is on the cusp of the 7th) is Jupiter which is located in the 6th house of health.

4th house represents the end of the matter the cusp is in Sagittarius which is mutable meaning 'disease will be variable in its nature'.

vaccination chart


My first Pfizer jab

Bucket chart

Aries Asc, Mars is the ruler and is located in the 2nd house of money.

Moon is in Leo in the 4th. Cancer is the sign on the cusp of the 4th (happy home) which is Cardinal= ends quickly .

I got a week-long headache after this jab the first house is in Aries which rules the head and Uranus is located there...but overall I didn't have any other symptoms.

first vaccination


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praise be all health and healing for the good of all