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Learn Astrology with Mary English

Hello, welcome to my Astrology podcast: Learn Astrology with Mary. We will be learning a bit about Astrology and how wonderful it is and how it can help you understand yourself and others much better.

The first 20 Episodes cover everything you need to know to make an Astrological Birth chart and understand it. We use an accurate Swiss website 

Make sure you make a FREE account with them so you can follow along with the lessons. 

I hope you enjoy listening!

I am the author of a number of books on Astrology more info here on my Amazon page

I have been in private practice as a professional Astrologer since the late 1990s and I am a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain and the Association for Astrological Networking

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Feb 26, 2023

No Astro charts this week.

I am covering predictions, and why it isn't helpful to do them.

Listen to why that's the case and what to do instead.

Sylvia Browne's 'prediction'

Book mentioned: Astrology From Ancient Babylon to the Present by P.G. Maxwell-Stuart

Feb 19, 2023

Thank you to two students for sharing their Gauquelin Charts

They BOTH have Jupiter in the zone of high intensity 'upper culmination'


Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces 

My book Neptune in Pisces, An Astrological Search for Enlightenment

Baby Pisces

Feb 12, 2023

This week I am covering how to work out if you have any planets in Zones of High Intensity.

I'm quoting from Michel Gauquelin's book The Spheres of Destiny

You can make yours at the Extended Chart Selection page of

(make sure you make an account otherwise...

Feb 5, 2023

This week I am returning to Chart Shape for those people who don't have a birth time

I've used 'no houses', 'no aspects' showing only Asc, DC, MC, IC


"Teddy" Theodore Roosevelt  


Benito Mussolini


Issac Newton


Edgar Allan Poe


Lewis Carroll


Rudyard Kilping


Carl Jung