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Astrology for beginners. How to make a chart using FREE on-line resources. The Series starts with Chart Shape and what that means for you. Please start at Episode One and work your way forward through each Episode to find out all about your chart and what it means. Each week we will be discussing various parts of your Astrological birth chart, using real case examples helping you get to grips with this ancient Art. Please go to my page if you'd like to become a sponsor and be rewarded for your support:) xx
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Hello, welcome to my podcast. We will be learning a bit about Astrology and how wonderful it is and how it can help you understand yourself and others much better.

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I hope you enjoy listening, do feedback to me if you have any questions click on my email link above:) xx

Oct 28, 2018

This week I'm covering the Whole Sign Method.

It's slightly different to the Equal House System I've been teaching you.

Here is the link to Robert Hand's excellent text on the subject

You can make your own chart up using this system on 

Go to the Extended Chart Selection under FREE Horoscopes and when you've entered your data, under where it says 'options for zodiac and houses' choose 'whole signs'.

Here's a screenshot. 

 whole sign screen shot

This is also where you can get your chart to be Equal House, which is what I've been teaching you...

Here's Queen Elizabeth in Equal House 

queen liz


Compared to Queen Elizabeth Whole Sign


Here's the cheat sheet for the ancient Greek system: Twelve Places.

Oct 21, 2018

This week I am discussing charts with Sun square Moon. Quite a common aspect and one that can work well as it gives inner motivation or not so well if no self-reflection.

Remember The Sun is conscious

The Moon is unconscious 


Kayne West-Rapper

Sun Gemini, Moon Pisces

Splash-ish chart

kayne west


Marjorie Orr- Astrologer

Sun Virgo, Moon Gemini. 

The whole chart is a Square! 

Bowl chart.

marjorie orr

Tony Hancock-Radio (mostly) comedian- famous for Hancock's Half Hour

Leo Asc, Sun Taurus, Moon Leo

Tony Hancock

Aldous Huxley-Author

Sun Leo, Moon Taurus

Bucket Chart

Aldous Huxley

Anita Moorjani- Author

Sun Pisces, Moon Gemini Splash Chart

Anita Moorjani

Charlie Brooker- Screenwriter

The episode I mentioned is called Nosedive

Sun Pisces, Moon Gemini

Bucket Chart


Oct 14, 2018

This week I'm sharing with you my Family Tree.

Here are the charts.

John English born 6th Jan 1783  

Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn Moon Aquarius...Bucket Shape Chart

Died age 71

John English

His 4th child was Alban Huddleston English

Born 15th March 1815 

Sun, Pluto & Mercury in Pisces. Moon in Taurus. Again a Bucket Chart

Died age 68

Alban Huddleston English

His 7th child was William Joseph English

Born 18th September 1855.

Sun Virgo, Moon Sagittarius... Splash Chart

Died age 34 of T.B. = Tuberculosis

William Joseph English

His 3rd child was Reginald Edgar Richard Egerton English (my Grandfather) 

Born 6th October 1883 

Sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra, Moon in Sagittarius...Bowl Chart

Died age 62 of T.B.

Reginald English

His oldest child was my Dad

Asc, Sun, Mercury, Venus in Sagittarius. Moon in Libra. Locomotive Shape Chart. (bit like a See saw but not quite)

Died age 60 bowel cancer


His oldest child was my brother.

Capricorn Ascendant, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Moon in Sagittarius. Bucket chart (again)

Died age 58 bowel cancer



Oct 7, 2018

This week we are covering giving birth and the dynamics involved.

First chart is me on inside, my son on outside. His Ascendant is exactly conjunct my Sun in Pisces. His Moon is in my 5th. A very emotional time (nice emotions!)


Second chart is my mother giving birth to me. Nothing special with 5 house. Dynamic didn't happen until I gave birth and again much later when my Mum was very old. Moon in same sign.


My Mum and first born my brother. No 5th house birth dynamic, other than Neptune (drugs). A bigger story with 7th house Bruv's Moon.

mum bruv


My Dad and first born my brother. Bruv's Moon to Dad's Sun conjunction and Bruv's Moon also conjuncts Dad's Ascendant. Both charts are Bucket charts. Bruv's Mercury to Dad's Moon/Saturn/Jupiter in 10th.