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Astrology for beginners. How to make a chart using FREE on-line resources. The Series starts with Chart Shape and what that means for you. Please start at Episode One and work your way forward through each Episode to find out all about your chart and what it means. Each week we will be discussing various parts of your Astrological birth chart, using real case examples helping you get to grips with this ancient Art. Please go to my page if you'd like to become a sponsor and be rewarded for your support:) xx
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Hello, welcome to my podcast. We will be learning a bit about Astrology and how wonderful it is and how it can help you understand yourself and others much better.

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I hope you enjoy listening, do feedback to me if you have any questions click on my email link above:) xx

Oct 14, 2018

This week I'm sharing with you my Family Tree.

Here are the charts.

John English born 6th Jan 1783  

Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn Moon Aquarius...Bucket Shape Chart

Died age 71

John English

His 4th child was Alban Huddleston English

Born 15th March 1815 

Sun, Pluto & Mercury in Pisces. Moon in Taurus. Again a Bucket Chart

Died age 68

Alban Huddleston English

His 7th child was William Joseph English

Born 18th September 1855.

Sun Virgo, Moon Sagittarius... Splash Chart

Died age 34 of T.B. = Tuberculosis

William Joseph English

His 3rd child was Reginald Edgar Richard Egerton English (my Grandfather) 

Born 6th October 1883 

Sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra, Moon in Sagittarius...Bowl Chart

Died age 62 of T.B.

Reginald English

His oldest child was my Dad

Asc, Sun, Mercury, Venus in Sagittarius. Moon in Libra. Locomotive Shape Chart. (bit like a See saw but not quite)

Died age 60 bowel cancer


His oldest child was my brother.

Capricorn Ascendant, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Moon in Sagittarius. Bucket chart (again)

Died age 58 bowel cancer



Oct 7, 2018

This week we are covering giving birth and the dynamics involved.

First chart is me on inside, my son on outside. His Ascendant is exactly conjunct my Sun in Pisces. His Moon is in my 5th. A very emotional time (nice emotions!)


Second chart is my mother giving birth to me. Nothing special with 5 house. Dynamic didn't happen until I gave birth and again much later when my Mum was very old. Moon in same sign.


My Mum and first born my brother. No 5th house birth dynamic, other than Neptune (drugs). A bigger story with 7th house Bruv's Moon.

mum bruv


My Dad and first born my brother. Bruv's Moon to Dad's Sun conjunction and Bruv's Moon also conjuncts Dad's Ascendant. Both charts are Bucket charts. Bruv's Mercury to Dad's Moon/Saturn/Jupiter in 10th.


Sep 30, 2018

This week is all about Saturn in the sign of Capricorn (where it is at the moment 2018-2020)

Here is Mother Meera's chart. She now lives in Germany and still gives Darshan

mother meera

Here is Gustav Holst's chart. Notice Saturn in the first. He got interested in Astrology during his Saturn return and then he started to write The Planets. So these pieces of music are influenced by the Astrology (not Astronomy) of the planets.

DO listen to his wonderful composition of Saturn~The Bringer of Old Age

(great conducting by Susanna M√§lkki who is a #Pisces)

gustav holst

Sep 23, 2018

Just a little discussion about the first day of Libra= Also called The Autumn (or Autumnal) Equinox

Here's the piccie of the other Equinox's and Solstices which are our seasons:

Spring-Aries, Summer-Cancer, Autumn-Libra, Winter-Capricorn.


The other Pagan Festivals are when the Sun is (approx) halfway through the Fixed signs of Aquarius-Imbolc, Taurus-Beltane, Leo-Lammas and Scorpio-Samhain 

These are the lovely diaries that I use, aren't they fab!

Sep 16, 2018

This week we are discussing 'live' 'Nina's' chart and her boyfriend 'Chap'.

Here are the charts with the Synastry below

Nina= Indigo, Bucket, Cap Asc, Sun Leo (in 8th) Moon conjunct Pluto Born 1992

Chap: Sag Asc, Sun Cap, Moon Gemini, Bucket chart but more importantly Yod (see Episode 25) Born 1993


Synastry Chart: Clustered Asc, Mars/Moon conjunction in Gemini= Past Life?

Sep 9, 2018

This week we are learning about how to read for friends (or yourself) and what's important in a reading.

The things to take into consideration are: is the present problem something natal or to do with a transit?

We are using an Indigo Person's chart.

More info on Indigos is here


first indigo date

Sep 2, 2018

An interesting way to find out the meaning of a significant dream is to record the time it happened and make a chart.

Linda Reid talks about how to do this in her book Crossing the Threshold, The Astrology of Dreaming

Nice Sleep Track here

DO get in touch if you'd like me to use your Sleep Chart in a future episode maryATmaryenglishDOTcom

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Aug 26, 2018

This week I'm talking about a news item about the sea.

A thing called Red Tide is happening in Florida

Here's the video I saw yesterday

Most other news coverage is a little less urgent.

Maybe the present planet's positions explain this a bit more?

today's planets

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Aug 19, 2018

Astronomy is a much needed necessity to make accurate charts.

However, with computer programmes making this easier it does mean we are not learning about the real planet's actual movements.

This is the app I mentioned that will help you spot planets (and some stars)

astrolabe app

This is a good video from the British Museum showing a real ancient Astrolabe

Here is Jeff Mayo's book The Astrologer's Astronomical Handbook

Aug 12, 2018

This week I am talking about Event Charts.

Making a chart for a forthcoming event, or one that might have already happened.

These can be used for weddings, interviews, starting a project, maybe creating something or dates in the future.

In the creation of Tempesta Chart, we have Virgo Ascendant, Sun Taurus in the 9th, Moon in Leo in the 11th and Mars in Libra in the first....great chart as it turned out!

More info on the remedy here on my blog, I will be updating my website very soon

Info on how the proving took place and what happened:

Tempesta Remedy Creation Chart

Aug 5, 2018

This week we are looking a little deeper at Mercury Retrograde.

Here's the book I mention A New Look at Mercury Retrograde by Robert Wilkinson.

Here is Robert's website (looks interesting!)

Lots of (helpful) info from Donna Cunningham about Mercury Retro

If you're interested here's Wyatt Earp's chart!


Jul 29, 2018

This week we are discussing K's chart. She wrote to me to share her chart which is below. Remember when you make a chart to keep it as clean and easy-to-read as possible. Avoid adding oodles of planets and asteroids, it only confuses understanding your 'self' and your chart. xx

K chart

More info on Bach remedies

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Jul 22, 2018

This week we are learning a teeny bit about loving the Self.

Using the chart of the Dalai Lama below

Dalai Lama

This episode contains a little meditation/hypno track so please don't listen while driving or operating machinery. 

Jul 15, 2018

This week we are working with a live chart. We have permission to share and analyse 'Miss K's' chart.

She is feeling depressed, her best friend died last year and she's having to look after her mother who is abusive (and a family that doesn't care about or care for her)....but does she have to?

Miss K natal chart showing Taurus Ascendant= Steady

Sun Aquarius= Freedom to Be

Moon Aquarius= Freedom to Feel

Mercury (retro) in Aquarius= Freedom to Think

Sun in the 10th = career is important.

Miss K

Miss K's transits

Miss K transits

Miss K's Mum



Jul 8, 2018

Instructions on how to find your Astro Twin/s on

This week's chart is Donna Cunningham who was a lovely Astrologer that I really liked and very sadly died last year ....on her birthday:(

Donna Cunningham

The last time we communicated on her blog when she announced her retirement xx 

screen shot Donna reply

Jul 1, 2018


This week is just a bit of fun.

As mentioned here is my mother's chart showing the asteroid with my Dad's name: Noel her 7th house of marriage! 

Fab ! 

Jean English

Find some names that mean something to/for you and add them into your chart or someone you know and make a note of the house they fall into.

Does it mean something for you?

Where does your own name end up?

Have fun! <3 

Jun 24, 2018

This week's episode is about the different 'Learning Styles' concentrating on Kinaesthetic 

Here's my blog post on Kinaesthetic Learners

Here are the charts I mentioned 

My younger sister Emily sis

Here's the video of her talking. Listen to her talking about 'getting a sense of' 3.39 mins


The famous potter Bernard Leach

Bernard Leach


Here's a video of him talking so you can hear him using Kinaesthetic words. Watch the way he touches the clay....


At 1.01 he says ...feel good pot.....

At 1.44 ... touch

Jun 17, 2018

This week I am discussing the wonderful conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. A whole generation of people were born with this significant aspect.

Do get a copy of Richard Tarnas' wonderful book

Cosmos and Psyche, Intimations of a New World View 


Here's the chart of the first broadcast of Star Trek

First Broadcast of Star Trek

Jun 10, 2018

This week we are considering the effect of Jupiter conjunct Sun and weight issues

Using the chart of

Using the Whole Sign House system as no time of birth



Jun 3, 2018

This week we are looking at the natal chart and some transits of Yogi Bhajan, a modern day spiritual leader

Natal Chart, Bucket Shape

Sun conjunt Neptune  (almost exact!) 


Transit chart for the moving from Pakistan to India age 18


starts the 3HO org, lead-up the actual date is July

May 27, 2018

This week we are covering Solar Return charts

Here are the charts I used from my lovely volunteers:

Natal chart


Compared to Solar Return

(I've used Cardiff as a location, just to explain how they work but that might not be the actual location)

May 20, 2018

This week we are learning about the Ephemeris, the document that lists the Astrological position of all of the planets for each year.

Here's the link to the page I'm using:

Here's what an Ephemeris would look like back-in-the-day, showing my own date of birth (thank you Auntie Jo):

May 12, 2018

Hiya, this week we are doing some Astronomy #sadface

Bear with me on this one, it will make sense at some point and you don't actually have to understand this to make a chart.... (coz the computer does it all for you!!)

However learning it does give you more Astronomical knowledge which is always a good thing!

celestial globe


Here are the charts we are using.

Celia S time of birth 00.01am in Northern England UK, Taurus MC



compare to Tracy Marks time of birth 12.36pm Miami Beach, Florida USA, Libra MC



and Queen Elizabeth time of birth 2.40am London UK, Scorpio MC


May 6, 2018

This week is all about Planet Returns. 

This is when a planet goes back to be the same sign and degree that is was in when you were born.

In Michael's chart we are showing his chart with his Saturn return just coming up showing in green on the outside wheel..

..and the fact that he had Jupiter retrograde in his chart in the sign of 6 degrees of Cancer in the 11th house


Here is what the ephemeris page on looks like

ephemeris page

and here is Michael's Jupiter return date and what that looks like on the ephemeris, I've highlighted in blue

jupiter return

Apr 28, 2018

As mentioned this is a great book that covers what you do really need to know: How and Why Astrology even started.

Here's the link to the book The Astrologers & Their Creed by Christopher McIntosh

Here's Dr McIntosh's Uni Page:


This is the piccie from the book showing the ecliptic:Sun's apparent path (among the stars) through the year.

And the Equator : imaginary line around the Earth at equal distance to the Poles

Quote from page 24:

These points are what we would now call the solstices and the equinoxes. The diagram below explains these terms more clearly. The sphere is the Earth and the horizontal circle round it represents the equator (imagining that the Earth's axis is vertical). The tilted circle represents the ecliptic, that is the path that the Sun appears to trace around the Earth during the course of a year. The equinoxes are the points where the ecliptic crosses the equator, once in the spring and once in the autumn. These are marked as E1 and E2 (respectively). The solstices are the highest points of summer and winter and are shown as S1 and S2. If one lived in the northern hemisphere S1 would be the summer solstice and S2 the winter one, and vice-versa for the southern hemisphere.


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