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Learn Astrology with Mary English

Hello, welcome to my Astrology podcast: Learn Astrology with Mary. We will be learning a bit about Astrology and how wonderful it is and how it can help you understand yourself and others much better.

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Sep 18, 2022

This week I am discussing the charts of the ilness & death of Queen Elizabeth and the Astro of Prince Charles, now King Charles 3rd


Queen Elizabeth

Cap Asc, Sun Taurus in 4th, Moon Leo in 7th

queen elizabeth 2nd natal

Offical Announcement that the Queen is unwell

Scorp Asc (near to natal MC), ruler Pluto retro in 3rd (conjunct natal Asc)

Note Moon/Saturn (conjunct natal Mars/Jupiter)

Possible actual moment of Queen's death?

Sag Asc, ruler Jupiter in Aries in 4th

Queen Dies Synastry

Asc falls into 12th house, retro Jupiter conjunct natal Mercury, Moon (opposition natal Moon) conjunct Saturn conjunct natal Mars/Jupiter

Uranus opp MC=sudden


(what was Prince), now KIng Charles 3rd. natal

Leo Asc, Sun in Scorpio in 4th, Moon 0 degrees Taurus (conjunct Queen's natal Sun in Taurus)

Ruler to chart is the Sun

(Possible moment)Becomes KIng when Elizabeth dies

Asc of death moment conjunct natal Mars/Jupiter

death Chiron retro conjunct natal MC

death MC conjunct natal Mercury